52 Weeks of the Divine Feminine: Happy New Year, Week 1

Happy New Year!!

It is the beginning of a new year and once again many of us have set up goals or resolutions. In most cases, these goals are to let go of something like extra weight or bring in some sort of materialistic need like a new job or more clients. All this is well and good. But I have always felt the average person rarely goes beyond themselves when setting goals or resolutions. What about your impact on the wider world?

I have some friends out there who are all about goal setting. In one of our social media groups, they posted a spreadsheet of goals. I, admittedly, did not read it. But I posted that my goal was to just be this year. Just be in the moment. Wow, that would be life changing for me, be in the present moment. But honestly, I added a few more goals to my list since a couple of weeks ago. Here they are in no particular order:

  • Be present
  • Meditate more
  • Be kind to others and myself
  • Be of service to others
  • Show more compassion to others and myself
  • Stop the negative speak about others, circumstances and self
  • Be the best version of myself
  • Write on this blog for 52 weeks
  • Lose my extra weight

So, what does creating goals and/or resolutions have to do with the Divine Feminine? The Divine Feminine requires you to be responsible for what you do and say. It is more than the Golden Rule to harm none. It is a responsibility to be true to ourselves and the actions we take. When we create goals, we are setting our intentions for the year. We are announcing we will be responsible for these things we have deemed important for the year. And the Goddess wants us to let go of the things which no longer serve us. Learn those lessons and move on.

When we set goals, we are no only stating we want to do more of this or that in the new year. We are letting go of the opposite of our goals since the opposite action no longer serves us. The letting go is also a responsibility. For instance, when I state I want to be kind to others for the upcoming year, I need to work diligently to not be mean or hateful to others. I want to let go of whatever caused me to possibly be mean to someone last year. It could be my insecurity or frustration. It could be my circumstance or ego. When you state your goals, it is important you understand why you are choosing to work on a particular aspect of your life.  The Divine Feminine beckons you to dig deep for understanding.

Furthermore, the Divine Feminine does not belittle you when you make a misstep. She shouts for you to pick yourself up and try again. Learn those lessons and move on. Take responsibility for what went wrong and try anew. And this is what I view as a great difference between the Divine Feminine and patriarchal religion/spirituality.  In a patriarchy, someone else is responsible for you and only they can give you forgiveness or strength to move on. It takes the responsibility of your actions away from you and gives it to someone/something else. Which also gives them power over you and your actions/soul. And if you do not have responsibility over your actions, you can say and do what you want without a care of how it affects you or others around you. You can always claim the devil made you do it and have some priest, pope, christian god slap you on the wrist, tell you to pray and all is forgiven. No need to fix any of the damage you might have done. No need to fix how you did things in the first place. Keep on keeping on.

It is important to be aware of our actions and change our course if necessary. The Divine Feminine asks that of the world. See injustice and stop it. See pain and expel it. See hunger and feed it. Change our individual courses to bring about a better version of our world. Being the best version of yourself can help the world be a better place. Therefore, I challenge you to write or rewrite your goals/resolutions. What are you willing to be responsible for and to let go of to be the best version of yourself and help create a better 2015 for everyone? (Oh, and if you mess up, there is a New Moon every month to help you reset your intention. Just state what you are willing to let go of and what you want to bring into your world. The Mother will hear you.)


New Year Wish
Oh Mother, I ask of thee
For love and responsibility
Show me where I can do better
Become a spiritual trend setter
Remember always who I am
A blessed child in a blessed land
Show compassion wherever I go
Oh Mother, so many do not know
Of your gentle heart and loving hand
And our need to take a stand
To save our world and move beyond
The greed which has been spawned
By small minded men and sheeple
Masses of apathetic people
One by one, we need to infiltrate
Create love where there is hate
A smile, a gesture, a way to be
Oh Mother, I ask this of thee

-Heather Reed 1/2/15


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