2015 Here We Come

It has been awhile since I have blogged. When I created this blog, I had a mighty idea and was full of intention to share my poetry and self with the world. But life can get in the way of the creative and the blog took a back seat to kids, work and relationships. Now is the time for me to set my intention for 2015. This time around, I am giving myself firm direction and expectations. I need to reignite my creative life. I need to write not about the past, but the present and future.

In 2015, I will be writing weekly about the Divine Feminine. It will be 52 weeks of poetry and commentary on the Feminine aspect of the Source, God, the All, Divine or whatever you chose to call it. My goal is to twofold. This will be an exercise for myself to connect with the Goddess as well as bring love and awareness of the Divine Feminine into the world. I dearly desire that my words touch others to expand their minds and hearts and understand the need for the Feminine in the world.

What is it that I mean when I say the Divine Feminine? Besides meaning the Feminine aspect of God, it has many layers to me. Religiously, I connect with the Divine Feminine through recognizing the Earth as Mother Earth and the many goddess as manifestation of this energy which we humans can connect with and call upon. I respect the Divine Mother as strong, worthy and equal to the Male aspect of God. But the movement is more than religious. I recognize the traits which have been associated with women and mothers need to be a respected and desired in the world’s culture. Some of these aspects are: love, nurturing, community, justice, generosity, kindness, equality, helping others, interconnectedness with people and nature, and serving the greater good.

For me, bringing the Divine Feminine into focus is attempting to help balance the world around us. The world is out of balance and this can be seen in many different facets. Greed and the maximization of profit has created historical income inequalities in the U.S. as well as damaged many communities around the world. There are 45.3 million people who live in poverty in the United States. (U.S. Census Bureau, 2014) In the world, 3.14 Billion people live on less than $2.50 a day and 80% of the world’s population live in a place where income inequality is growing. (Global Issues, 2013) The Earth is being pillaged with no foresight to future generations. Religious fundamentalism is rampant globally which is harming women, children and men. This fundamentalism is gaining power in many governments in the world, not just the theocracies of the Middle East we in the West demonize. There is a War on Women in the U.S and in the world and it is so much more than abortion and birth control. It stems from the religious fundamental idea that women are the seeds of sin and need to be controlled. Which justifies the negative and harmful treatment of women across the globe. Respecting and acknowledging the sanctity of the Feminine is needed to combat power imbalances of the world.

Please join me in bringing much-needed love, joy and kindness to 2015. Let us journey through the year and see where we can bring the Great Mother back into the conversation.

Open Mother
Mother, open your eyes.
We hear the tales.
We hear the lies.
Mother, open your ears.
We need the songs
To calm our fears.
Mother, open your mouth.
The star is in the North
The fire in the South
Mother, open your heart.
Let it spill forth
A cosmic restart.
-Heather Reed 12/22/14

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