Divine Feminine: Week 3 If You Fall Down, Get Back Up

Week 3: If You Fall Down, Get Back Up

Well, I really stuck my foot in my mouth. Week 1 I am writing all about responsibility for your intentions and living up to you resolutions and what do you hear from me for 2 weeks, crickets. Yes, I was sick. But look how quickly we get side tracked by life. It would of been so easy to say, forget it, I missed two weeks. No one will even notice I am not writing anymore. But I would notice. I would know I was not being true to myself and responsible to my intentions for the year.

The message is to get back up, keep going, start over if you need to. Many of us have these amazing dreams inside of us. Life happens and you get side tracked. There are work, school or family responsibilities. Maybe you or a family member have been ill. There is always something in the way of our passion if we let things be in our way.

When I think of the Divine Feminine at times like this, I know I am someone amazing. We are all special because we are all divine. Therefore, I deserve to give my dreams and passion an opportunity to flourish. And our resolutions are part of our dreams and passions. Losing weight or quitting smoking might be your dream of a healthy, happier, sexier you. The Divine Feminine reminds you that there is a community of support to help you not only dream big but succeed. All those support groups we develop, attend or see in social media are grounded in a modern sense of community. I say join as many as you like. Our sisters and brothers out there need us and we need them. And since we are all divine, the encouragement and love we show others is the Great Mother working through us and bringing more love into this world.

So, this posting is really late, 2 weeks late. But maybe I need to think creatively and be gentle with myself. I did say 52 weeks, I did not say 52 weeks in a row. Ah, I can breathe now and ask the Goddess Kwan Yin to help me have compassion and mercy for not only others, but also myself. It will be with compassion in which I will pick myself up and start all over again and pursue my dream of sharing the Divine Feminine with all of you. Namaste!


Mother of Mercy

Lady of Love

Let compassion pour forth

for strangers and those I love

Remind myself

present I shall be

daily striving to

give others the best of me

Remind myself to be true

to the world but my own self too

Kwan Yin

Please hear my soul

Let us all work to

make this planet whole





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